” Being conducted by Mario Miragliotta in the Balears Superior Conservatory Orchestra (Spain) has been one of the most touching and outstanding musical experiences I have ever lived. His ability to connect with the young musicians was truly amazing. They were totally enthralled with the power of the Music emanating from this unconventional conductor. Incidentally, he was spontaneously voted as the best maestro ever to work with the orchestra. 

 As a teacher of the Conservatory, I participated in the rehearsals and performance. Mr. Miragliotta exerted a kind of uncommon magnetism that lead the whole orchestra to give its best. Players would rather watch his facial expression than the parts. Anyone could easily sense the music through his visage. 

 During the rehearsals, he gave accurate directions, mostly musical, but also technical (he insisted a lot in wind chord intonation). 

 The performance, at the beautiful Bellver Castle, was kind of hypnotic for both players and audience. Verdi’s overture, “La Forza del Destino,” and “Sibelius 2nd Symphony” sounded powerful and emotional under his baton. Even today, after two years, I feel moved when I remember how he was able to connect in such a deep way with the audience. Musicians could hardly hold tears after such a superb performance…  Something magic and unique which will last for ever with me.” 
Frances Gaya, Violist
Valencia Symphony Orchestra

“Mario Miragliotta is an artist of the first rank. As a conductor, he is able to work with any orchestra on any repertoire within a day’s notice — his ability to work both my orchestras is incredibly rare. Always the first one at each rehearsal, Mario is always prepared for each rehearsal and works tirelessly on details. He is patient, understanding, and most importantly, open-minded to new ideas, new repertoire, new collaborations, and thus new friendships. Connecting effortlessly with my staff as well as the students, Mario loves to share his life and experiences. He is a natural story-teller and a wonderful communicator of ideas and sentiments. Mario has more than just a commanding presence on the podium: he is a musician of purpose”.

Albert Wu, Founder and CEO
Irvine Young Concert Artists

“I feel honored to have had the pleasure of performing under the direction of Mario Miragliotta. He commands the immediate respect and diligence of the orchestra, placing each member at attention, absorbed in his interpretation and guidance. Under his direction, the orchestra succinctly reflects his musical interpretation while increasing what would be its usual-attention to musical expression. This is achieved by the authority wielded in his concise and exquisite stroke of the baton.

He possesses a distinct passion to express the finest details of musical nuance. And his passion for music is infectious; he inspires the best in each individual with whom he comes in contact. Mario’s charismatic talent at bringing the best performance from of a group of musicians is truly a thrill to experience.”

D. Pratt